Lease Purchase Agreement 

  • Option Fee
  • Monthly Payment & Credit 
  • Duration 
  • Property Value Price 
  • Terms and Rules 


Tour the home and neighborhood. Seller will request a background verification. An initial title search should be ran to ensure the landlord actually owns the property. 


Discuss with a agent your goals and search for homes. Since most homes that will be of interest are for sale, your agent will reach out to the seller to inquire about a lease-to-own option. 


Discuss with a agent your goals and search for homes.


Rent-to-Own Process 

Seller pays, a Buyer-agent a 3% commission instead of 6%. 

It is your home, as long as the improvement is permissible with city code and association, go for it! 

Appreciation of property can be viewed as a forced savings account growing in value typically 1-3% over the long-term. 

In addition to the downpayment, often there are costs incurred for inspections, appraisals, title insurance, etc. 

Downpayment can range from 0% - 20% of purchase price. 

Initially often higher than renting, although the fixed payment gets easier to pay over time. will assist in negotiating a lease-to-own agreement, hold deposit and credit money in escrow and assist in financing. 

Home improvements can typically be negotiated in the Lease Purchase agreement. 

Option fee and monthly credit go to towards downpayment for the property. 

Option fee is typically 2-3 times the about of typical deposit to rent. 

One-time option fee typically between $2,000 - 5,000 (which goes to down payment).

Monthly = $1,000 rent + $200 credit

Rent payment + down payment credit

Assist in determining the best financial option.  

Landlord must approve all improvements, often very limited. 

Rent money is gone. 

Deposit typically required. 

Deposit = $2,000; monthly payment of $1,000

Often a lower monthly payment, although rent can increase at any time.


Home Improvements


Initial Cost

Payment Example




Rent To Own

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A lender will apply the downpayment (option-fee) and monthly credits toward your downpayment. By now your credit has improved and you are now approved to purchase your home! 


At the end of your term, typically 6-24 Months Later 

Move in to your soon-to-own home! Over the next 6-24 months your agent will work with you on improving your financial situation, including connecting you with a credit repair service. 


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