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Our passion is helping clients protect one their greatest assets: the equity in their home. At our core, we are technologists and entrepreneurs with a fascination for real estate. 

We are a licensed Ohio Real Estate Brokerage and proud to be members of the National Association of Realtors, which has been a pillar in helping millions of Americans realize the dream of homeownership since 1913. 

Life can often take unforeseen paths, triggering the need to sell a property earlier than expected causing the seller to incur substantial transaction costs.

We view short-selling (where the bank receives less than what is owed) as an absolute last resort. We specialize in short-sale prevention through innovation, not in advocating short-sales. Often sellers are convinced short-selling is in their best interest, when in reality the necessity to short-sale is often just to cover the high commissions. By being one of the most affordable full-service brokerages in Ohio and within 2-5 years nationally, our mission is to leverage economies of scale to preserve your credit, equity and make real estate a more liquid investment through reductions in transaction costs. 

By combing over 50 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry, advanced degrees in business and law, plus backgrounds in leading software & application development at the Department of Defense and The Ohio State University; the horizon has never been brighter for our tech fueled real estate brokerage.